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The International Digital Credential Verification Agency - IDCVA UAE

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Welcome to IDCVA, where our passion for safeguarding and innovative thinking led us to create ‘Integrated Regulation’—a unique concept in accreditation. Driven by the belief that compliance should never be left to chance, we offer a comprehensive solution that goes beyond setting standards.

Our journey began with a vision to redefine how industries, especially those involving vulnerable groups, achieve and maintain the highest levels of safety and compliance. By providing the tools and technology necessary for success, we ensure that meeting our standards is not just achievable but seamlessly integrated into your daily operations.

‘Integrated Regulation’ means we do more than dictate requirements; we empower your organization with the means to effortlessly meet them 365 days a year. From cloud-based standards that evolve in real-time to streamlined administrative processes that reduce human error, our approach is designed to support your mission of protection without adding unnecessary burdens.

Visit our resources section for insights and inspiration, and when you’re ready to elevate your compliance and safeguarding efforts, our ‘Contact Us‘ page is your next step. Join us in setting a new global standard for safety and integrity in the workplace.

industry standard
10k Schools Platform

Education Standards & 10k Schools –
A Beacon of Transformation

In revolutionizing industry standards, IDCVA, has pioneered a new benchmark for safer recruitment and employee verification.
This initiative marks a significant departure from traditional models, which were either too lenient to be effective or so rigorous that compliance was out of reach for most institutions. All previous frameworks have been fundamentally constrained by the limitations of human capacity – yet all the standards are trying to achieve the same thing, safer schools. Recognising this, our effort was not just aimed at finding a more efficient method of operation but at redefining the very essence of compliance standards.

The genesis of this transformation lies in setting aside these traditional constraints, thereby addressing the fatal flaw that every preceding standard was compromised by what was deemed reasonable for a human to execute. Or conversely, if a standard was robust, its implementation was nearly impossible for a school with standard resources. This dilemma underscored the pressing need for change a change that would not only introduce a better way of working but, upon establishing a new standard, would leverage a singular technology platform to automate the vast swathes of data collection and analysis. ICDVA is the Standard Holder, but in education, 10k Schools is the software solution by which it is delivered – We called it “10k”, because once 10,000 schools adopt this protocol, we will have changed the way schools around the world think about this work forever.

This ground breaking approach of 10k Schools executing the ICDVA Global Safer Recruitment Standard, delivers capabilities far beyond what an army of HR teams could achieve, accomplishing tasks in a fraction of the time, with unparalleled accuracy and devoid of any bias or subjectivity. 

By subscribing to this unified standard, schools will tap into a low-cost, shared technological infrastructure, streamlining the entire verification process. This not only democratizes access to high-level compliance for all schools, regardless of their size or resources, but also sets a new precedent for what is achievable in safeguarding our educational environments.

The result is a paradigm shift in how schools approach the recruitment and verification of their employees. With IDCVA and 10k Schools leading the charge, the standard for safer recruitment transcends previous limitations, offering a model that is both stringent and attainable. This innovation ensures that schools are not merely striving to meet the minimum requirements for safety but are equipped to uphold the highest possible standards, safeguarding the future of education and the well-being of children across the globe.

Embrace the future with IDCVA:

Witness the potential of a world where administrative boundaries are redefined. Our standard exemplifies the heights achievable when human limitations are transcended through innovation.

With our advanced solutions, experience unparalleled safety and compliance, let us show you the ease and confidence of operating beyond traditional constraints. Take a step into the future and always be at the forefront of safeguarding standards.

The International Digital Credential Verification Agency - IDCVA UAE

Our world-class team and advisory board are the backbone of IDCVA, comprising leading experts from diverse fields. United by a vision for unparalleled safeguarding standards, they bring a wealth of knowledge and innovation to guide our mission towards excellence.

The International Digital Credential Verification Agency - IDCVA UAE

Explore our Resources section for insightful thought leadership pieces and valuable materials tailored to safeguarding in your industry. Dive into a wealth of knowledge designed to inform, inspire, and empower your organization’s commitment to safety and compliance


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