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Embrace Continuous Vigilance with 10k Schools

Continuous Monitoring

The hiring process doesn’t end with a successful candidate selection. In the dynamic landscape of educational safety, a ‘One and Done’ approach falls short of ensuring long-term security. At 10k Schools, we advocate for continuous vigilance as the cornerstone of safeguarding our institutions, debunking the myth that initial screenings are sufficient. 

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Our Proactive Approach : 

10k Schools introduces a comprehensive monitoring solution designed to keep your institution ahead of potential risks. Our platform ensures that vigilance is an ongoing commitment, incorporating: 

  • Revalidate Criminal Record Checks:
    Ensure no new issues have arisen since the initial hire.

The Myth of ‘One and Done’:

Believing that the diligence completed at the point of hire suffices for ongoing safety is a misconception. With risks and circumstances continuously evolving, the need for perpetual monitoring becomes undeniable. Continuous checks, including adverse media searches, safeguarding declarations, and criminal record updates, are integral to maintaining a secure environment.    

  • Annual Adverse Media Searches: 

    Stay informed of any public information that could indicate risks. 



  • Updated Safeguarding Declarations:

    Regularly verify the safety and integrity of your staff with automate update declarations from previous employers. 


Embracing a Culture of Safety:

Shift from a static point-of-hire check to a dynamic culture of continuous vigilance. With 10k Schools, safeguarding becomes an integrated, ongoing process, reflecting a commitment to the highest standards of safety and care in education.

Ensure Your School’s Safety is Always Current.

Learn How Continuous Vigilance Can Protect Your Students and Staff. 

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