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Empower Your School with Comprehensive Criminal Record Checks by 10k Schools

criminal record checks by 10k schools

In the critical task of safeguarding our educational environments, criminal record checks stand as the first line of defense. However, at 10k Schools, we understand that true safety goes beyond individual checks, then integrating these checks within a broader, technology-driven ecosystem that ensures airtight security and compliance across all school activities. 

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Beyond Basic Background Checks:

The essence of our approach lies in not just our unrivalled access to global criminal record checks but in how these checks fit into the larger puzzle of safer recruitment. Our platform offers a comprehensive solution that spans beyond mere compliance to foster a culture of safety and responsibility, understanding that a criminal record check in isolation doesn’t really prove very much.

10k Schools Platform Example
  • Establish Residency History:

    A criminal record check isn’t much use if nobody can confirm the person lived in that country – we cross references multiple data sources to verify periods of residency, including referees, media searches, and even tax records.

  • Verify Name History:

    A criminal record check is useless if someone was convicted  under a different name – we collect birth certificates and name change certification to mitigate against this risk

  • Criminal Record Checks in 190+ Countries

  • Integrated Safety Ecosystem:
    Each aspect of our platform works in harmony to ensure  that no gaps are left in your school’s safety protocols.

  • Proactive Risk Management:
    By preemptively identifying potential threats, we help schools take a proactive stance on safety, significantly reducing the risk of oversight.

A Unified Approach to Safeguarding:   

10k Schools’ platform represents a unified approach to safeguarding, where criminal record checks are just one piece of the comprehensive safety and compliance puzzle. By leveraging our ecosystem, schools can ensure that their hiring practices are not only compliant but set a new standard for safety in education.

Transform Your School’s Approach to Safety with Our Comprehensive Criminal Record Checks.

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