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In a world where the safety and integrity of our educational institutions are paramount, traditional ID verification methods no longer suffice. Beneath the surface of standard ID checks lies a wealth of untapped data, critical for making informed hiring decisions. It’s time to bridge the gap between basic identity verification and a deeper understanding of a candidate’s history. 

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The Solution:

The 10k Schools platform includes a transformative solution: a biometric validation and data extraction system designed specifically for the educational sector. Our technology goes beyond the surface, offering a comprehensive background checks that ensures every hire is not just a name on paper, but a thoroughly vetted individual. 

The Problem:

Most schools rely on outdated ID verification processes that overlook crucial information such as aliases, previous names, and minor spelling differences. Many schools collect ID just to sit on file to meet right to work requirements. But oversights can lead to significant vulnerabilities, exposing institutions to risks that could have been prevented

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The 10k Schools Advantage: 

  • Advanced Biometric Validation:

    Leverage cutting-edge technology to verify identities with unmatched precision.

  • Comprehensive Data Extraction:

    Extract key data directly from Government Issued ID to eliminate misspelled names or birth dates, in turn eliminating false negatives on criminal record checks

  • Enhanced School Safety:
    Ensure a safer learning environment by thoroughly vetting all hires with our comprehensive system.

  • Peace of Mind:

    Gain confidence in your hiring process, knowing every candidate has been meticulously checked.

Why 10k Schools?:   

Our platform represents a commitment to excellence in educational safety and efficiency. By starting with our state-of-the-art ID verification, you’re taking the first step towards a safer, more efficient future for your school. 

Step into the Future of School Safety with Comprehensive Adverse Media Searches.

Discover How Our Technology Can Protect Your Students and Staff.

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